Welcome to Earth, Wind and Solar

Welcome to Earth, Wind and Solar

Renewable, sustainable, cost effective energy solutions – that’s what Earth, Wind and Solar is all about. Our products and services are the gateway to the future. We offer practical, earth-friendly energy solutions that help businesses, homeowners, and farms reduce their carbon footprint and energy usage while minimizing their energy consumption and reliance on the grid. Between government incentives and the positive impact our products have on the environment – everyone wins with Earth, Wind and Solar.

With over 90 years of combined business experience, EWS has the know-how to engineer, design, build, and maintain wind and solar projects anywhere in the world. Our team of experts will work to complete your project on time and on budget.

Pieter Huebner combines an Electrical Engineering degree with 26 years of experience in the Renewable Energy Industry. He has successfully deployed and constructed wind and solar projects in 44 countries around the world.

Commercial Wind Energy

Bill Putzer started Comfort Windows 30 years ago and has built the company to one of the largest home improvement companies in the Northeast, doing over 25 million in annual sales. Comfort manufactures approximately 25 thousand windows each year. Bill has also completed his Solar Degree at SUNY Delphi and is an eligible wind installer.

Gayle Wiegand has 35 years of construction management experience and is certified in both wind and solar project management.

EWS uses only high quality products that have been field proven to withstand the test of time and extreme weather. With installations from Alaska to the Caribbean, our experience will bring a “high level of confidence” to any project from start to finish.

So whether you need to power an island or a village, your entire business or your home, we can do it all. Let’s get started, call today! 1-877-677-5799
  • Hybrid wind solar systems
  • All UL approved parts
  • Off grid battery system wind and solar hybrids
  • Grid tied or stand along systems
  • Site studies
  • Help with all rebates and incentives
  • Fully insured and bonded
  • 5-year labor warranties